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Personal Development

Later on, you will find a selection of my professional experiences. Each job has been an important part of my career and has provided me with valuable tools for both professional and personal development. If you are interested in learning about my references or knowing more about my work, please contact me directly.

Video Set Up_edited.jpg

Video Editor

2009 - 2021

One of my early significant jobs as I advanced in my career as a professional musician and studied image and sound design was to develop my skills as a video editor. I was fortunate to work for various companies and as a freelancer over the years.

Sheet Music_edited.jpg


2010 - to date

Another area that I am passionate about is composition.

That's why I took some jobs to create music for commercials, plays, and dance spots.

Music Equipment_edited.jpg

Sound Engineer

Furthermore, over the years, I was able to put my skills to the test in producing music for other artists. This included arranging, recording instruments, recording other musicians, as well as mixing and mastering their music.

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